Distribution of Irrigation Pump Hose

AgriFarmers13 Sep 2019 - 7 Farmers Association and 1 Brgy. Council received their Hose from DA with the support of GOV. AMADO ''POGI'' ESPINO III,
Municipal Mayor ARIEL G. DE GUZMAN and Vice Mayor DARIUS P. BONALOS to enhance the agricultural production of Mabini.

Anti-Dengue Program

antidengue615 Aug 2019 - The entire Philippines had been placed under NATIONAL DENGUE EPIDEMIC ALERT. In line with this, our Municipality must do its part in helping our town and province affected with Dengue. Mobile Blood Donation Team from Region 1 Medical Center will be holding a mass Blood-Letting Activity on August 27, 2019, Tuesday, 8 am, at the Mabini Health Center.. Donate blood, save life.

National Road Clearing Program

roadclearing13 Sep 2019 - To comply with the Presidential Directive and provided under DILG Memorandum Circular no. 2019-121 dated July 29, 2019, local chief executives are hereby directed to reclaim public roads, alleys and other thoroughfares which are being used for private ends and in process.